BVI Plastic Surgery Workshop Lodging

The 33rd Annual BVI Plastic Surgery Workshop

on Tortola is set for January 27 - 30, 2020.  

All of the businesses on Tortola have been working extremely hard to re-build their beautiful island.  The re-building continues week after week, and they have made amazing progress!! 

Nanny Cay continues to make improvements every day and is working very hard to renovate all of their hotel rooms.  Many have been restored / renovated / updated.  You can 'watch' the progress that Nanny Cay is making on their Facebook page.  When you check out their page, make sure to 'LIKE' them on Facebook.

We have a NEW Facebook page too.  Check it out!!  And Remember to 'LIKE' us on Facebook!

Over the next several months, we will be posting the room rates for the 2020 BVI Workshop that will be held again at Nanny Cay. 
The rates below were for the 2019 BVI Workshop and have been saved here for your reference:

     4 Standard rooms, each with two double beds - $148.80 / night
     2 Deluxe rooms, each with two queen beds - $172.80 / night
     3 Deluxe rooms with kitchenette, each with two queen beds - $192.00 / night
              [All room rates are double occupancy and include taxes and service fees.


Nanny Cay continued to re-build, so many more rooms will be available in the coming weeks and months.

When making your room reservation - PLEASE make sure to tell Reservations at Nanny Cay that you will be
                                                                  attending the BVI Plastic Surgery Workshop.


The 2020 Meeting Registration Form is NOT available at this time. 
Announcements will be sent out later in the summer / early fall,
so watch your 'Inbox' for those messages.